Maintaining Your Style

The Wrap

It is essential that you know how to maintain your style after you leave the salon. One of the most effective ways is to wrap your hair around your head.

Starting at the crown of your head make a part, ending just behind your right ear. Comb hair in front of the ear forward for control so that it does not get in the way as you begin wrapping the hair behind the ear. Beginning at the crown of the head start wrapping the hair in a diagonal fashion ending at the back of the left ear. Proceed in this fashion 3 or 4 times. Next from the back of the right ear comb horizontally to back of the left ear. Do this a couple of time to insure that you have combed all  read more


26 plus years in the beauty industry has afforded me the exposure  to the best information for shaping a long and successful cosmetology career

Proper Tools

The #1 problem I face behind the chair at my salon is improper tools at home. I can probably right a full novel on how many different ways women abuse their hair this way, many of which would shock you and horrify most, but in the interest of time and sparing some of my favorite people who will probably see this post, I will narrow it down to just a few harmless ones. The first tool I will touch on is the brush, since this one seems to be beloved amongst so many of my clients. First let me say that I rarely recommend that clients use brushes simply because of the brutal manner in which most women use them and further based on what has been done to the hair chemically, not all textures should be brushed. If your hair has undergone any kind of chemical straightening you should proceed with caution when using a brush only because some of these services, while safe, leave the hair in a highly sensitized state in which you would probably be better off using a wide tooth  read more

After Care Products

Most women I know could probably open a small cosmetic company with the amount of hair products found under their sinks in the bathroom and hall closets and any other corner in their house that a can of hairspray or shine serum could live. There are so many products on the market right now that claim to do something that the others just can’t do and, while there are a few outstanding ones, basically the differences end up only being limited to smell and texture. How does one know what should or shouldn’t be used. My answer to that question would be, it what state your hair is in, what you want it to do as it relates to the state its in and  what you believe. read more

I just attended The Hair Loss Forum& Trichology Conference at The Philadelphia Hilton Hotel, given by Knights Beauty & Barber Supply and wow was there a wealth of very useful information on the subject.

What I found very interesting was the varying opinions coming from some of the leading hair loss companies on the causes of the different diseases and disorders.

I was most impressed by the presenter and Director of The International Association of Trichologists, Mr David Salinger since his presentation, in my opinion, was based solely on science and not so much his opinion. Mr. Salinger asserts that most of the hair loss situations we see in the salons, be it genetic or other, are caused by an interruption of the natural growth state of hair. In which, in most cases, white blood cells attack the bulge region of the hair follicle where the stem cells for the production of hair are located. This is all located in the dermis of  read more

I mean really why has this word style all of a sudden become so important? Haven’t we been encouraged to develop our own sense of style? That style is so individual in its perception, it cannot be relegated to making sure one has the right length pearls so’s to not offend the masses, or the black dress, that you MUST have is the right  silhouette for your shape or you won’t be the bell of ball . Really/ Doesn’t it all seem silly? Well I’m so glad you asked.

It is true that the proverbial  idea that you “can’t judge a book by it’s cover” is a bit overrated. Today we are going to put all of these thoughts in perspective.

While it is also true that too much stock is placed on what one looks like, they ARE “the cards we’re dealt” if you will. We judge EVERYTHING before we know ANYTHING all the time. It is assumed that if some one looks pleasing, drives a fabulous car, wears the best designers, lives in the biggest house, they can’t be broke, over worked, in debt and on the brink of suicide, they MUST be Successful right?! read more

Style Management. REALLY?